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Cacaote – An Exquisite Trip to France

On this perfect sunny Sunday, I’m on a mission to treat my childhood friend who gave me a brief visit this September. Her name is LaVergne, she was born and raised in Paris. LaVergne is currently studying interior design in Milan though. This morning she told me that she had already missed Paris, “I miss the food, I miss the architecture, I miss the vibe,” she couldn’t stop yapping for hours. As a.. Read More

Healthy Iftar For Ramadhan

Healthy Iftar – Muslims throughout the world are welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan. In these month, all Muslims are required to fast for hunger, thirst and lust from sunrise to sunset. In medicine, fasting has some benefits for the body. Therefore, even when fasting we are obliged to eat healthy and nutritious foods. However, after a day of hunger, we sometimes forget the importance of eating healthy foods and beverages. Actually, eating.. Read More