Healthy Iftar For Ramadhan

Healthy Iftar – Muslims throughout the world are welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan. In these month, all Muslims are required to fast for hunger, thirst and lust from sunrise to sunset. In medicine, fasting has some benefits for the body. Therefore, even when fasting we are obliged to eat healthy and nutritious foods. However, after a day of hunger, we sometimes forget the importance of eating healthy foods and beverages. Actually, eating any foods and drinks can make our body condition decreased. After finding out here and there, I found some good food to be consumed as healthy iftar menu. Food material was easy to come by

Healthy Iftar during Ramadhan

1. The Red Rice
You can try this one kind of rice. Not only best eaten when fasting, brown rice is also consumed to substitute white rice. Owned fiber brown rice is higher than white rice. In addition to the existing fiber content, sugar content contained in brown rice also lower than white rice. You can eat brown rice while break the fasting, because brown rice makes the stomach full longer, and can control blood sugar levels.

2. Green Vegetables
Staple foods such as rice while still fasting, though not white rice, but brown rice. For the companion of rice, green vegetables are also recommended to be consumed. As a companion rice, green leafy vegetables are highly recommended to be consumed as vitamin and fiber in it is needed by our bodies. Eating green vegetables can help inner organ on your body to work, due to the nature of the green vegetables are easy to digest. Preferably, enough green vegetables sauteed, but not until wilted. If cooked until wilted, vitamins and other benefits on that green vegetables could not enjoy because we have lost as a result of the cooking process is too long.

3. Fish
Rice and vegetables problem has been resolved, now turn to a another dish. Serving seafood, fish dishes you can make during the month of Ramadan. You can cook with fried or grilled fish. Why the choice fell on the fish dishes? The fish has many benefits, among which is the animal protein in it has an important role for brain and heart health. In addition, fish also contains omega 3 very high. In addition to animal protein and omega 3, fish also has anti-oxidant that is very good for our bodies.
4. Pulses
To complement break the fasting menu, you can add nuts to your vegetables. Nuts are known to have a high protein and certainly useful for our body. The combination of green vegetables and nuts during break the fasting can reliably meet the protein needed by the body. Proteins contained in nuts is a protein that’s easily digested, so our organs not to shock if consume it during break the fasting.

5. Fruits
Fruit is the right choice for consume during break the fasting. Choose fruits that can fill the vitamins that your body needs, and make the body become fresh. When breaking the fast arriving, you can eat one orange or melon before eat heavier dishes. In addition, fresh fruits also help the body adjust, after a day of fasting.

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