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The Cat Cabin, Surga Para Pecinta Kucing

Kucing merupakan salah satu hewan yang paling banyak digemari, termasuk saya. Di beberapa negara, kafe kucing sepertinya sudah menjadi fenomena. Nah, beberawa waktu yang lalu pun kafe kucing akhirnya buka di Jakarta, lho! Berlokasi di daerah Kemang, tepatnya Jl. Kemang Raya, kafe yang dipenuhi dengan kucing ini diberi nama The Cat Cabin. Penasaran? Sama! Saya juga penasaran. Makanya ketika minggu lalu saya ada waktu, saya pun menyempatkan diri ke kafe yang sedang ramai.. Read More

Ippudo Indonesia – Part II

Ippudo Indonesia, Pacific Place – Part II As I promise you before, I will continue to review @ Ippudo Indonesia. Now let’s move on to Ippudo’s specialty: RAMEN! Well, honestly what makes Ippudo very famous is because their noodles are considered the “work of a craftsman”, offering both springy texture and deep flavors. There noodles are very essential, boiled to al dente, exuding the vibrant natural aroma and taste of wheat with each bite. Together.. Read More

Ippudo Indonesia: Mouthwatering Ramen – Part I

After long daydreaming and drooling, I finally managed to visit Ippudo Indonesia in Pacific Place. If you haven’t noticed, Ippudo is one of the biggest ramen restaurant chains from Japan and up to date, it has been expanding to China, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, New York, Malaysia, Thailand, and finally, Indonesia. Since September 23rd, the first outlet in Indonesia was opened for public. Book fast because there is a long line till you.. Read More

Kinokawa: Not Your Ordinary Sashimi Spot

Kinokawa is worth every Rupiah, if you are looking for a place to impress someone, be it a business partner or a date. Although first thing first, make sure they like sashimi. If they are allergic to those, this effort is pointless. If that box is checked, prepare for their gratitude. Why? Because the SCBD based restaurant is not the ordinary Japanese restaurants which can be found in most posh hotels around the city. Its.. Read More

Twenty8: Protein Madness with Fish & Poultry Dishes!

Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. Speaking of protein, I just ate the most luscious high – protein dishes in a happening spot named The Twenty8… Read More

Diet and Anti-depression For Diet!

Hm. Does somebody have weight issue? I’m sure most of you have been through what I’ve been through. Weight loss is a serious issue. We constantly see advertisements and news reports on trendy diets, flashy products and magic pills promising to help them lose weight. Diets may be important, but I also like to balance it by eating somewhere fun, eating spot in SCBD. It’s called Potato Head Garage. Later will be elaborated. Back.. Read More

Fast Foods: Eat When You’re Happy!

Everyone must have had a heartbreaking experience. It’s a time when your heart doesn’t feel right, no matter what your ratio tells. Very often, when your mood is dropping so far, you’d feel not into eating anything. Everything feels vapid, even bitter. I have a recommendation of the best fast food I’ve tasted, it’s called The Goods Diner. But before you go there, better read this. You might need the information. Well, some.. Read More

Valentine Coming Soon!

Hi ya’all! It’s been a few days since I write. I’ve found a couple of fun stuff to share. They are deliciously informative. Today I’ll be talking about my fav cooking show!! This isn’t your daily cooking show, foodie. Can you imagine a chef cooking with a dog? And it’s a poodle!! Can it be more adorable? The name of the show is ‘Cooking with Dog‘. It’s a Japanese cooking show held by.. Read More

Dance and Eat!

One of my best friends since high school brought me to a dance class. I know, it’s a little too late to learn to dance at this age. I mean our body doesn’t bend the way it used to be. Therefore you need extra effort and patience for certain poses. Well, I’ve been thinking about dancing since, ever. I was just too shy to do it. It felt silly for me to see myself.. Read More

Hidden Gems: Culinary and Music

Welcome 2015! I have one big resolution for this year. I want to go deeper with blogging. As a foodie and music lover, it really matters for me to know more. It’d be boring to expose another regular restaurants and music videos. That’s not what Love-Pillola stands for. My blog exists to bring fresh air! And now I’m gonna expose you hidden gem, in culinary and pop culture. This is one of the.. Read More