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X Factor Restaurants

About a week ago, me and my friends were talking about running our own business. 3 of us were so excited and just throwing anything to the table, we wanted to open a vintage shop, a spa, a fitness center, and also restaurants. But of all the options I guess restaurant is the one that makes sense, because everybody eats, that’s the law of nature. So I won the debate and we all.. Read More

Sake+ : A Sip of Japanese Culture

  Sake, or some may say “Rice Wine”, is a traditional Japanese alcohol beverage that is made from fermented rice. The brewing process is very much similar to beer’s fermentation. To brew a great sake requires the finest quality of water and rice. Once both ingredients are fulfilled, you need to master the technical skill of handling toji (head brewers), carefully choosing the type of yeast, and a little luck from the weather… Read More

An Intimate Date with Cosmopolitan On Sat Night

Thank.God.It’s.Friday! I’ve been waiting for the day since Monday morning starts to drag me here at the office. I’m not much of a party animal, but what I love about weekend is that I can have lots of good rest, at home. After not watching it for a while, I kinda miss watching Sex And The City. This seems like a good time to do marathon for a weekend. It’s one of those.. Read More

In The Honor of National Batik Day: I Wear Batik and Eat Prasmanan

Since 2009, it’s been decided that 2 October 2014 would be Indonesia’s National Batik Day. UNESCO–sub division of UN–officially made 2 October to be National Batik Day. This sub division covers education, knowledge, and culture. This is an international claim that Batik stays as a part of Indonesia’s legacy. Batik is listed in the non material category. I feel very happy to know that international people had approved Batik belongs to Indonesia. On.. Read More

Where Is Chef Tenker Now?

  Vindex Tenker is a Manadonese extremely talented chef who has become the president of Assosiation Culinary Professional Indonesia. Currently, he is also the Executive Chef of Hotel Four Seasons. He is popularly known as the original head judge of cooking show Master Chef Indonesia from April 2011 until May 2011. Unfortunately, on his way to season 2, Chef Vindex Tenker chose to leave the famous cooking show for good. He mentioned that.. Read More

Eat Like a Korean, Diet Like a Korean

  Everybody wants perfection in their life, we want a perfect career, perfect image, or a perfect body. It would be a huge disaster for any women to gain a few more pounds, women feel like they need to present themselves in a certain ways at the office or to their husband at home. And this certain ways include no big tummy, small waist, and hopefully no shaky fat when they move their.. Read More

A French Taste : From Movies to Foods

  Food has always been a huge part of our life. It doesn’t only become an essential need to survive, but also define the growth of a culture. Throughout decades, human has made innovation in spices, recipes, cooking-methods, and technology to produce better foods in terms of taste and health aspect. Just like Steve Jobs who invented Apple Inc and became an icon, we also have genius chefs, who have marked their names in.. Read More

5th Salihara Festival: Introducing Whirling Dervish

Di Seni Senang Happy Go Artsy, a very hip tagline written on a very hip banner in Salihara. The happy-go-lucky line actually reminds me of a popular children song from my generation. I think the creative team wants to bring us back to our happiest spot, back in our earlier days. This event is an annual festival which displays art through various forms, such as music, dance, and theater. Festival Salihara isn’t your.. Read More

Chris Martin + J-Law Rumor Is True!

  OMG! It’s been a week since I check out the juiciest news in Hollywood and guess what? Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are officially dating. Both have come out of the closet and display their romance to public, Some blogs reported that they have been seeing each other since June. In July, Chris Martin and J-Law are caught in a long and intimate conversation at the after party of Coldplay’s Royal Albert.. Read More

That’s Life Coffee Presents .Garis. Art Exhibition

On a Sunday night (7 September 2014), I went to an opening of an art exhibition held in a cuisine coffee shop called That’s Life Coffee. The unique exhibition is a combination of two different platforms of art. Mahe (illustrator) and Babet (musician) both blend together their eccentric artistic side in an exhibition called Garis. Surprisingly, this combination works perfectly well to emphasize each other’s purpose, public love the chemistry between these two artists. I can tell by how.. Read More