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Dance and Eat!

One of my best friends since high school brought me to a dance class. I know, it’s a little too late to learn to dance at this age. I mean our body doesn’t bend the way it used to be. Therefore you need extra effort and patience for certain poses. Well, I’ve been thinking about dancing since, ever. I was just too shy to do it. It felt silly for me to see myself.. Read More

Hidden Gems: Culinary and Music

Welcome 2015! I have one big resolution for this year. I want to go deeper with blogging. As a foodie and music lover, it really matters for me to know more. It’d be boring to expose another regular restaurants and music videos. That’s not what Love-Pillola stands for. My blog exists to bring fresh air! And now I’m gonna expose you hidden gem, in culinary and pop culture. This is one of the.. Read More

Holy Market Experience

Lintang my friend, texted me last Friday. She mentioned an event in RURU Shop. For those of you who hadn’t heard, Ruru Shop is an artsy-fartsy store, located in Tebet Timur Dalam Raya. Made by hipsters, for hipsters. They sold t-shirts, totebags, old movie posters, sketchbooks, and local Indie Band CDs. In the same building, you’d find RURU Radio. Mostly they played local Indie songs, or any old records.   My friend needed a.. Read More

Best of Cafe + Bar Playlist

Have you ever been to a place and listen to a super-catchy song? You just can’t get it out of your head. You wish to have them in your iPod. The problem is that you barely remember the artist, or have no clue at all who’s the singer. Well, I’ve been collecting some gems found in a cafe + bar playlist. Don’t ask how I get them, it’s TOP SECRET. Yes, you can.. Read More

Sweet Is The New Black

On a time-killing Sunday afternoon, I sat quietly in a new spot named Colette & Lola. It’s a conceptual cake shop made by Ismaya Group, located in Senopati. I was alone with a book and surrounded by the soft-pastel candy theme interior. Chapter after chapter, I finally closed the book and ‘read’ the whole room. Everything there was filled with cuteness that radiated feminine vibe. I couldn’t help but to admire the neat cupboard.. Read More

French Delight: Men + Foods

I love men. Not just any men, most specifically French men. Of all the men in the world, IMO they have the most beautiful figures. They have the God-given eyes, nose, skin-tone, hair, and all the things that I can’t say in public. *CENSORED* Underneath the great physical, lies hidden charm. These are few of the most beautiful French male models. They aren’t your typical American-Joe, they were born beautiful, they are French! What.. Read More

The Phenomena of Santa Market

Santa Market is the best underdog spot of 2014—so far! For 7 years, Santa Market was unknown for Jakartans, not just young hipsters but also common people. Even if someone came, it was just to buy main-food supplies or batik’s clothes. The fact that Santa Market is located near Wolter Mongonsidi didn’t help either. The marketing team had been trying to figure out ways by inviting different and unique type of communities to.. Read More

Britney Spears: A Piece of Meat For Everyone!

Buon appetito!  Last week Britney Spears treats her ‘Piece of Me’ dancers some Italian cuisines in Buca di Beppo. After weeks of exhausting rehearsals + 10 days per month dance performances on stage, Britney and her team shake it all off by eating tons of calories. They order three types of salad, lemon chicken, salmon, penne alla vodka as well as pepperoni and Margherita Pizza. More than 15 dancers were directly served by.. Read More

X Factor Restaurants

About a week ago, me and my friends were talking about running our own business. 3 of us were so excited and just throwing anything to the table, we wanted to open a vintage shop, a spa, a fitness center, and also restaurants. But of all the options I guess restaurant is the one that makes sense, because everybody eats, that’s the law of nature. So I won the debate and we all.. Read More

Sake+ : A Sip of Japanese Culture

  Sake, or some may say “Rice Wine”, is a traditional Japanese alcohol beverage that is made from fermented rice. The brewing process is very much similar to beer’s fermentation. To brew a great sake requires the finest quality of water and rice. Once both ingredients are fulfilled, you need to master the technical skill of handling toji (head brewers), carefully choosing the type of yeast, and a little luck from the weather… Read More